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Scottsdale Roof Replacement

Are you looking for a roof replacement in Scottsdale? Well, we have you covered!

Does your roof need to be replaced? We’re Trusted, Insured and Affordable.
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Whether you have minor damage or severe damage to your roof, we can help you get the job done right. We have years of experiences with roof replacement.

If you have a damaged roof that needs replacing, we’re the right people for the job. We work on all types of roofs and would be happy to help you.

Roof Replacement Cost in Scottsdale

You may be thinking that roof replacement cost in Scottsdale is high. Let us show you just how affordable it can be to get a new one. Scottsdale roof replacement ranges from $6,000 to $8,000 for smaller homes and from $10,000 to $14,000 for larger roofs.

These prices are very dependent on the size of your roof, the type and style of roofing materials used and the length of the warranty. The roof quotes you get should include everything you need to remove and install a brand new roof. Nobody sets aside a budget for replacing their roof, so it’s nice to know we make it very affordable and even offer 100% roof financing.

New Roof Installation

New roof installation can be a major decision many homeowners. Knowing the signs of when it may be time to replace your roof helps a lot. Certainly, you will need to replace your roof if it’s been substantially damaged by hail or wind, but there are other reasons to as well.

If your roof’s shingles appear cracked, damaged, or missing a substantial amount of the protective granules, it just might be time to have a new roof installed. The affordable Scottsdale roof replacement service we provide starts with a thorough roof inspection. If your roof can be repaired, we’ll quote you a price for roof repair.

If it truly does need to removed and replaced, we’ll show you the proof as to why it does. We only replace roofs that can no longer protect you, your family and the contents of your home.

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Getting started today is important for the safety of your home. Old roofs and damaged roofs can cause structural issues to the framing of your home. They even have a chance to collapse in the right circumstances.

We’re roofing company that you can trust to replace your roof properly and quickly. We’ll make sure to communicate with you before, during and after the roof is replaced. With a 50 Year Warranty, you can be confident your roof will last for many years after we’re finished.

We provide affordable roof replacement in Scottsdale and are fully licensed and insured.

Scottsdale is located in the eastern part of Maricopa County and was named for its founder, Winfield Scott. With a population of more than 255,000 last year, Scottsdale, AZ has once been awarded the title of most livable city.

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